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We Architect ISV (custom) and MSP based on scope of work. We have an entire Instagram Quilt showing you with explainer videos. As Solution Architects; CrowdMole™ has it's own BPM process. We've surpassed IBM Acclaim, LEAN, Agile, Scrum with Quadradic Modeling, Augmented Intelligence. AI removes time based barriers. We found the entire process contemporary from a bygone era of Industrial innovation with no place in today's frictionless economies.

Intelligent H2M, M2M, M2H

IoT Starter Kits for Cognitve Machines

Our mission is to optimize people by allowing them to remain within their core skill sets longer than imaginable. New levels of production will require more people to manage global goods and services.

Cognitive Analytics

Skip The Spreadsheet

Give up your antiquanted black and white forms. We can value you your existing processes, or we can manage them for you. Either way your work could change with cognitive analytics.

Sales & Marketing

All Marketing Begins With Your Data

All marketing begins with your databases. Most firms are still using antiquanted form collection and hoping to gain data from it. We offer data science in a box to help you get more out of basic A/B testing and form collection. We don't care if it's direct mail or direct response.

API Connect

Create Your XaaS Masterpiece

All of our solutions harness the power of REST API. Develop your own solution and create your pricing tier. Chef the impossible with API freedom and flexibility.

Servers & Security

On Premise & Off Premise

We offer a variety of bare metal servers, virtual services, and much more to help you organized and maintain your data. Protect your digital real estate with security groups, VPNs, and appliances.


Data & Recovery Options

We can store and recovery vast varieties of data. We don't care if it's structured or unstructure. CrowdMole goes further by providing you the insights you need with enough time to take action.

Cognitive Surveys

All Industries Survey

Accelerate your testing, research, and discovery with cognitive surveys. We allow unlimited responses, and secure data storage. Additional forms are required for HIPAA related surverys.

Geo Spatial Analytics

Get More Out of Your Target Market

Geo spatial analytics is a great way for you to isolate on your territory. As former merchandisers, the soft data in your territory can give you an overwhelming advantage. Give yourself the upper-hand!

Trend Spotting

Enhance Your Vision

We have a full dichotomy of analytics at our disposal to help you learn more from your proprietary data. We can also enhance your data by augmented it with social trends. We help you discovery mismatches and innovations to help you maintain pole position.

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Robotic Process Automation
Proof of Concept Prototypes

What is Business Process Management? CrowdMole Business Process Management with Robotic Automation Processes allows use to use data profiling to standardize repetitive processes. This provides you with information superiority because it enhances your decision support for your end users. CrowdMole BPM can potentially give you raitos of 1:16 or 16x per head. This is factual because we've broken the hour barrier over a decade ago and earned a nice pension doing so.".

CrowdMole Business Process Management and Robotic Automation Processes is rooted in FinTech using DDEPoke on Gov't mainframe that was already automated as of 1994. It can be ported across the board: Sales, Marketing, HR, Information Technology, and Customer Service. We typically do not leave anything in the middle because we would like humans to spend more time communicating with humans. We break the hour barrier because we have M2M Analytics to potentially plan disruptive and successful outcomes.

There is no certification for advanced, applied mathematics systemized as code you can't buy in a book. (Export Control, trade secret, and confidential) Critical Thinkers used emergent technologies to make the technology we use today. Not methodologies found in commonplaces.

Advanced Analytics Data Science
Proof of Concept Prototypes

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." - Nikola Tesla 1934

CrowdMole™ BPM is our only product that demonstrations our ability to create qualitative products by applying Advanced analytics knowledge. Hackathon Rapid PoC We've placed with am impromptu team, at a Honeywell Hackathon, using mathmathics and hybrid analytics to solve a highly regulated business process. There are no words to describe our analytics. And we have no nearest neighbor because we are self taught.

The 9 Data Laws have become too slow and cumbersome with our new methodologies that allow us to shatter the hour barrier. We've developed our 9 "V"s of data to deal with these issues. We plan to find deeper insights to drive instinctive, intuitive, and intrinsic actions. Our sensory capability is world class and segmented by use case. We use Design Thinking to operationalize analytics into business processes ranging from simple tasks, to Specialists, to entire Lines of Business using Advanced Analytics for people centric results that drop jaws.

Container Based Virtualization
Proof of Concept Prototypes

We specialize with Functions as a Service. In 2006, Colin Sumter, Founder of CrowdMole, was able to automate an entire Title Band using the Functions as a Service approach. Obviously, this was not Design Thinking. How'd he do it?

He used advanced versioning and virtualization tactics that transformed orginary Excel Workbooks into containers for business processes. He wrote controller scripts to execute specific DO LOOPS depending on the appropriate escape velocity. CrowdMole™ BPM uses process transformation in container based scenarios to plan for you to break the hour barriers that can earn you exponential savings.

IBM offers a wide variety of All Flash storage to minimize the versions you require to run your business. At a minimum you'll require 3 containers. We specialize with rapidly prototpying a test environment. Your business may need a quality assurance environment. And ultimately; there's a continous production environment that can be rapidly scaled using either Outsystems or Mendix. CrowdMole™ BPM is low code, non-linear, test driven development for your container based virtualization needs.

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Decision Support System
Proof of Concept Prototypes

"A properly designed DSS is an interactive software-based system intended to help decision makers compile useful information from a combination of raw data, documents, and personal knowledge, or business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions." - Wikipedia

CrowdMole™ designed Eleanor vPM Decision Support System . Eleanor DSS vPM; is a sophisticated 5th generation telecommunications prototype running everyday on Twitter under Colin's personal handle. Our system is scalable and goes beyond the hour barrier. CrowdMole™ mathemathically engineered this system to compensate for being short handed.

Gary Vee has a quote - "You either have a great team, great planning, and or amazing talent." When we 1st ran Eleanor we were critized for using computing horse power. But, we use it so that we can plan for others to do exponentially higher levels of work. Diane and I no longer talk about who's planning the schedule, or asking redundant questions, and or wasting time - energy - effort on the impossible frontier.

Power AI
Proof of Concept Prototypes

Neural networks and deep learning are with IBM Experience of Power AI technology. what drives IBM Cloud. The IBM issued badges display a portion of our domain expertise. And we're able to prototype your ideas, while others are seeking out talent to begin. We afford you to luxury of the "head-start".

Power AI is the technology you would use to developer your proof of concept. Neural netowrks and deep learning are used autonomous vehicles. Power AI plans for you to overcome standard density of image - limitations. It's essential that you have your team in position prior to considering a purchase of Power AI. As IBM Cloud Platform Solution Architects; we ask the right questions at the right time. That's important to you because, we plan for you to avoid the situation of not asking a question you'd never know to ask.

Proof of Concept Prototypes

CrowdMole creates prototypes. We research, create, your business case, and develop it. Our staff is augmented, and multidisciplinary. We first broke the hour barrier dating back to 2006. A "head-start" from us is worth every penny for our prototype. Because we save you time, resources, and money on the 1st time. Our CrowdMole BPM creates "shock diamonds".

The staff resumes are CONFIDENTIAL, no longer than 1 page, no cover letter. There are IBM Agreements that are issued with our solutions architecture. You can find our Universal Terms of Services too. When we don't have something we make it. We like to think of ourselves to a famous man from "All American Racers".


Data Profiling


Watson Translation


Watson Discovery



Watson Machine Learning
Proof of Concept Prototypes

Machine learning plans for us to study the past to predict the future. CrowdMole can plan for you to avoid "knee jerk" decision making. Possibly allowing you to know the answers months before your competition. Because they're still waiting for the RFM analysis to their research surveys. And or traditional A/B testing.

Tuning the is a lot faster than simply doing an A/B test with the Watson Data Refinery. "The ART of possible" is using mass flow data-driven techniques to analyze your data where it is. CrowdMole knows your budget is flat and your data is compounding. Hybrid Cloud Object Storage, and All Flash Virtualization allows you to do great work because you can more effectively manage verisioning, virtualization with IBM Cloud.

Cognitive Marketing Survey
Proof of Concept Prototypes

Diane is a gifted in research. She can plan for the best statistical model to measure your marketing research. Her domain expertise allows you to test the markets faster than your with the prototype in your hands. Because we're connected to IBM Cloud, we can ensure your data is not on shared hosting services. IBM Security plans for your competitive advantage to be safe while you're conducting your marketing operations.

Marketing Research from Diane may potentially lead to exponentially better discoveries. Neuroscience and Watson make a great combination. CrowdMole is able to use various statistics, applied mathemathics, with agile release trains to keep your projects on time. And keep you with possibly the best informed decisions for your business units.

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Watson IoT
Proof of Concept Prototypes

CrowdMole can plan for you to get started very quickly with Watson Starter Kits. Watson can plan for your success in a variety of ways. We do this by using a discovery call, understanding your use case, and then deciding if it's a fit against our production sechudule. There are enough services for you to quickly augment your existing application that is currently unintelligent.

Watson Starter Kits are Apache 2.0. And very useful for you to design things people thought were impossible. Again, we Architect ISV (custom). And we do not develop someone else's use case, sign non competitive agreements, while avoiding conflicts of interest. Most people do tasks that have already been automated and have never been told.

Mobile Application Development
Proof of Concept Prototypes

IBM Cloud allows you to rapidly prototype web and mobile applications. There are 10 runtimes, plus, Urban Code. You can take advantage of the global network that IBM Cloud is built on with Infrastructure as a Service offerings. Design Thinking can plan for you to fail fast on paper. While enabling your team to build and re-imagine the ART of "impossible".


How's your architectural roadmap? CrowdMole™ makes it easy for you to understand cognitive services. We flip through PoCs like a Pioneer CD carousel. And within our specialty, we can draw it up right on the spot. Plan fast to go faster because we get you on your way. Our BPM allows us to idenify and take action instinctively, intuitively, and or in intrinsic ways - across multiple use cases.

Microservices Architecture
Proof of Concept Prototypes

2006; predating popular knowledge of microservices, could be first seen in [call module.1] in VBA Script® application. And even in Lotus Script®. The point of using microservices was to prevent the need to rewrite the entire DO LOOP when the application interfaced changed. But very few know the INs and OUTs of VBA Script at a high level to consider macros as microservices architecture.

2018 - Moving foward to Hybrid Cloud Computing; we can apply the same concepts to much more powerful applications. In a short period of time, we can prototype well organized application(s). And then compartmentalize using IBM Identity Access Management tactics and Data Governance. A good example of this involves IBM RPA with Blueworks Lives, and IBM BPM services. This can be extended with IBM process transformation offering.

CrowdMole™ is a predominately a self taught organization. IBM has allowed us to validate our raw experience. We have over a decade of hands-on experience working with microservices architecture in various forms for compartmentalization strategies. In fact, you could review this page as a perfect example our how well we know microservices architecture.

"The ART of Possible"
CrowdMole Business Process Management

We use our skills far beyond what you can find here on our site. Visit our profiles on LinkedIn to learn more about us, and or Ask Eleanor. Please reach out to us if you believe that you have an impossible solution related to traditional methodologies. We'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

There's nothing wrong with being your own Johnny Utah (1991) because another person with all the experience couldn't figure it out in a reasonable amount of time.

Additional information is furnished upon request.

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