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We use the entire dichotomy of analytics and data to provide and overwhelming strategy. Typically, our solutions transcend modern UAs. And our technology revolves around "confidential and trade secret". We're able to do amazing things for business and marketing.
What we see and what others see are entirely different things. We see things that most wouldn't see in a reasonable amount of time. And we typically maintain a competitive advantage in real-time.

We use data visualizions to help all parties digest any and all data making it easy for you to understand the action plan.

Once we have the plan, we execute without hesitation. Data with the following:

Descriptive Analtyics100

Dichotomous Analytics100

Dichotomous Data100

Augmented Intelligence100

IoT Architect

Augmented Intelligence Collaboration.

Private Cloud

Take total control of your data.

Web Hosting

We can host a variety of data.

Poly Cloud

Revolutions, budget, time.

Advanced Research

Accelerated risk management.

Hawkeye ATS

Pattern Language Data Science.

Intelligent H2M, M2M, M2H

Lean Manufacturing of Cognitve Machines

Our mission is to optimize people by allowing them to remain within their core skill sets longer than imaginable. New levels of production will require more people to manage global goods and services.

Cognitive Analytics

Skip The Spreadsheet

Give up your antiquanted black and white forms. We can value you your existing processes, or we can manage them for you. Either way your work could change with cognitive analytics.

Sales & Marketing

All Marketing Begins With Your Data

All marketing begins with your databases. Most firms are still using antiquanted form collection and hoping to gain data from it. We offer data science in a box to help you get more out of basic A/B testing and form collection. We don't care if it's direct mail or direct response.

API Connect

Create Your XaaS Masterpiece

All of our solutions harness the power of REST API. Develop your own solution and create your pricing tier. Chef the impossible with API freedom and flexibility.

Servers & Security

On Premise & Off Premise

We offer a variety of bare metal servers, virtual services, and much more to help you organized and maintain your data. Protect your digital real estate with security groups, VPNs, and appliances.


Data & Recovery Options

We can store and recovery vast varieties of data. We don't care if it's structured or unstructure. CrowdMole goes further by providing you the insights you need with enough time to take action.

Cognitive Surveys

All Industries Survey

Accelerate your testing, research, and discovery with cognitive surveys. We allow unlimited responses, and secure data storage. Additional forms are required for HIPAA related surverys.

Geo Spatial Analytics

Get More Out of Your Target Market

Geo spatial analytics is a great way for you to isolate on your territory. As former merchandisers, the soft data in your territory can give you an overwhelming advantage. Give yourself the upper-hand!

Trend Spotting

Enhance Your Vision

We have a full dichotomy of analytics at our disposal to help you learn more from your proprietary data. We can also enhance your data by augmented it with social trends. We help you discovery mismatches and innovations to help you maintain pole position.









CrowdMole Products

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IBM Cloud Partner

CrowdMole is a IBM Cloud Business Partner. We're able to provide you with a variety of custom solutions on the cloud. We can provide public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud solutions. RPA robotic process automation is our expertise. We're subject to Export Control, and no one can afford to watch it do is ourselves.

We use our speciality in prescription analytis to design a cost benefit analysis. CrowdMole BPM, we can make many things augmented and or completely obsolete. Our resources are extensive in getting you to the right solution the first time.

CrowdMole can also talk you through and or architect you on what you're trying to manufacture with Cloud services. We offer easy to understand billing. CrowdMole BPM is designed to workaround obsolete ideologies to get you going fast like Phil Remington.

To begin; all you have to do is register with our client login page. Complete the form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Phase as a Service (modern PaaS) is how CrowdMole BPM is designed.

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Enterprise Security image

IBM Cloud Big Data & Analytics

CrowdMole aims to give you situational awareness, continunity, and implementation. Our Enterprise security options can be on-premise or off-premise. Perhaps a combination of both. You'll find that our Cyber Security R&D is unique.

We can manage your cloud security. And help offer you piece of mind. We can consult on your cyber security too. We're not strangers to performing audits and reporting what we find in an accurate and detailed manner.

CrowdMole is able to value add solutions with Watson. Perhaps we can allow you to see yoru threats before they arrive. Or you may possibly need a different specturm of vision. Whatever your needs are, we're able to research, create, develop, your business solution and or get you to appropriate channel.

CrowdMole specializes in prescriptive analtyics. We use it in almost everything we do. And this can help guide you to the proper solution and resolution immediately. We also offer industry leading variety of peripheral services for spectacular, defensive awareness.

Watson Internet of Things (IoT)

Watson IoT has to ability to enhance many industries. CrowdMole is an IBM XaaS Specialist. And we can do many things with Watson to help you acheive your goals. Because we are cross industry, we can help integrate Watson into your daily operations for better outcomes.

Watson Conversation service is the perfect way to drive down you customer service costs. And add valuable ROI to your shareholder wealth. For example: you can use Twilio and Watson to perform amazing tasks with telecommunications.

Watson has state of the language procession capacity. This give the rise to speech recogniation and speech-to-text services. These services make you application literally come to life in ways only recently being explored.

REST API are secure ways that Watson can help you benefit. Using REST API, Watson API can connect you to the internet safely and securely. CrowdMole is able to harness to full potention of data visualization and real-time data discoveries to better assist you with becoming a data-drive business using Watson.

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Relational Databases

IBM Graph is a powerful database that uses open language Gremlin query. Our databases come with powerful GUIs that help you gain time by writing less queries. Graph databases are data prep intensive, and the GUI will speed you up. You’ll quickly understand how you would need to prepare your data prior to using IBM Graph.

Cloudant is another IBM company that offers flexibility for web and mobile applications. Rational tools are very useful, and there's an entire industry on toolery. CrowdMole BPM uses advanced analytics to out-trigger almost any boundry. And if you wanted to visually build your mobile application with Kinetise, then we would deploy Cloudant in this case too. REST API makes it very easy for you to create complex database layers for advanced security.

Watson Machine Learning is trained with historical data for predictive analytics. The databases mentioned beforehand ensure that you data can be trusted. Because we know that we can trust our data, we can trust the insights we gain from it. Watson Machine Learning is a great way to help you reduce your costs by “knowing before you go” tactics.

File storage is also within our catalog. There’s absolute no shortage of ways we can store your data. CrowdMole™ helps you find the best solutions for managing your data across a variety of environments. We can further assist you with Lift & DataWorks to make migration of your files, simple, and secure.

IBM Cognitive Analytics

Prediction & Prescriptive Analytics is deciding what to do based on a variety of factors. There are a variety of ways to do this. Watson Machine Learning plays a big part of this. There's also the SPSS Modeler. And IBM CPLEX. Everything we do is data-driven. And used to help you achieve your goals.

Geospatial Analytics has a variety of uses. We can push products to the right people at the right time. And or secure databases based on territory. It's a different level of analytics that may possibly lead to more sales. Remember Pokemon? It was a perfect example of using big weather data and geospatial analytics.

Apache Spark helps you take advantage of machine learning plus graph analytics. And there is also Big Insights for Apache Hadoop. These are useful services for mobile applications that generate massive amounts. And provide cost effective solutions to store unstructured data.

SPSS Modeler is a proven IBM technology. Many large enterprises use it and now it’s available for small businesses too. It includes a free trial and can be use with Watson Machine Learning. It’s a very easy way to create statistical models without needing to become a Statistician.

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Mobile Application Development

Ease of use. All you need to know is know what you’re looking at. And that comes with practice and familiarizing yourself with the different elements in your design environment. We’ll talk specifically about those later in this post. Most of the development is in your prefered with very minimal coding required as a prerequisite.

Feasibility and practicality are very important. For example: projects that don’t have the exact budget beforehand may struggle to be completed. While CrowdMole™ offers the exact budget long before you start. And as we mentioned before, it’s free to prototype. If you cannot prototype it, then it’s probably not feasible. Prototyping (limited API) is also risk-free and costs $0.00 dollars.

Security and REST API are used to communicate to your relational databases. These databases can be configured on bare metal servers, on premise installations, and a variety of cloud hosted solutions. And are also tiers upon tiers of storage options that best fit your needs.

Cloud Foundry mobile application development is another favorite of mine. This is command line, but is by far the fastest of them all. My partner, Orshi Csak studied Fortran, and I learned command line to play my first video games. We want to include this as an option for those that seek total control of their application and environment.

Web Hosting

CrowdMole™ helps you avoid data duplication. IBM Cloud databases can be on premise solutions. Most databases become inaccurate because it’s not governed. All of IBM databases and data objects tackle this problem upon your immediate data input. You will never have to go back and audit for duplicate records.

Open language front end web development for your web hosting can significantly reduce your overhead and budget. We have a variety of source environments that all have mature communities. You can easily workout issues by going to the Slack, stackoverflow, and other web communities because everyone is programming in the same languages.

Visual web site development with your web hosting. Our catalog features Dreamface, and you can easily begin to design your site. You can then readily connect a variety of css, js, and php scripts to bring your site to life. This is how we offer to you the state of the art web design to compliment your web hosting needs.

CrowdMole™ helps you design your site for SEO (relational database). This way you spend less money going back and correcting your web hosting database. This is how our experience with relational databases can help you tremendously. And will have a direct effect on your ROI.

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Hybrid Clouds

Softlayer, now IBM Cloud is also a part of the hybrid cloud. This is your private cloud solution with bare metal services and firewalls. Security is a big part of your company's Internet of Things operations. And IBM Cloud hybrid cloud computing is a complete solution to help you build trust with your clients.

Harnessing the details through descriptive and diagnostic analytics helps use define our progress. CrowdMole™ wants to help you make real-time decisions. These decisions are useful in getting your project on the right track from the very beginning. You can use natural language processing to ask your data questions that will help you understand the story your data is trying to share with you.

There’s no ordering hardware, and returning it to the supplier. Our hybrid cloud computing solutions are ultra flexible and can be build to scale. Did we mention that it’s free to prototype? Yes, this helps you try before you buy and gives you a really great way to avoid buyer's remorse.

We use hybrid cloud computing everyday, and we’re excited to offer it to you. The benefits of using augmented artificial intelligence with visual interfaces helps make business a lot easier. There’s no need to learn complex scripts. IBM Analytics makes it very easy to learn a lot about your data in a variety of ways when using hybrid cloud computing with us.

Government Data Migration

Data migration can be tricky, but they don't have to be. CrowdMole is experienced with Goverment relational databases and tables. Our Founder, Colin Sumter has over a decade of experience building custom data solutions for State & Local Finance, and HR. And we offer a dichtomony of database migration tools to meet your needs.

Institutions can use Datacap, DataWorks, and DB2 on the cloud to manage their resources. Education, Governemnt can save value space. And better allocate resources that help the public.

We also offer Watson Developer Cloud to help make your solution extremely intelligence. You'll be able to better support your local communities in ways outstanding ways. Imagine having a smart town? It's a great way to generate demand.

National Center for State Courts oversees many antequated papermills. Perhaps it's possible to improve the qualify of service without raising the fees? Robust self-service analytics and reporting is just a preview of how a CrowdMole data migration, and our data migration tools can help your local community.

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Develop VISUALLY with CrowdMole IBM SaaS Entry services. And we're also recruiting developers. When you develop for us we offer a variety of benefits such as "own what you code". CrowdMole is uses IBM Cloud and it's build upon open source languages.

We prefer mature coding communities. And we like clean code. Because we do not reinvent the whell. We're all about helping people benefit from the possiblities of technology for social good. These helps our developers align with us immediately.

You can learn about Watson on Github, Stackoverflow, and IBM developerWorks. These are free communities where you can begin to see the impossible take shape. This is how we began our journey.

Learn more about what we're doing at CrowdMole on Instagram. We plan fast, to go faster like Phil Remington in his day. We post there weekly, Monday-Friday. And share ideas at light velocity that we're actually working on everyday to shape tomorrow.

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